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My landscapes and wildlife carry memories and messages of where my people come from. From the teachings of our Elders, wisdom is obtained from all that is around us. 
Winged ones, four legged ones and plants have what we believe to be key to our survival. I paint from that wisdom and wish for all to experience a part of our way of life. We are still here.
When we leave our Earth Walk, we enter into another one of Creator's gifts. When we are in our next form, we learn its ways and hopefully take some of those memories into our human form.
This is the Path to Be a True Human.
My name is David Two Hawk Glazier. I'm an artist, Apache and drummer.
My education in art has been through experiencing human nature and its relationship to mother nature.
Learning my skills as a technician truly began when my path to a True Human was revealed. My art offers an experience to feel your own direction through an image.
~Ka Dish De Deh edn~


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